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Dentures in Walnut Grove

What are dentures and why might you need them?

Dentures work as a replacement for natural teeth and are primarily designed for mouths that are missing all or most of their teeth. Unlike other types of replacements or repairs, dentures are not permanently attached to the natural teeth or jawbone. Dentures are specifically fitted to each individual's mouth so that the dentures do not need any type of adhesive to stay in place.

The importance of keeping dentures clean

Dentures require the same amount of care and attention as natural teeth. Failing to properly clean dentures can result in stained dentures and bad breath, as well as a buildup of plaque that, if not removed, can react with saliva, resulting in tartar that can only be removed by a dentist. Removable dentures can also collect food particles, which can cause fungal or bacterial infections.

When cleaning dentures, make sure to brush them using a wet denture brush and a recommended denture cleaner or paste to remove any food particles. Dentures can also be soaked overnight in a denture cleanser to remove any stains. Make sure to thoroughly rinse dentures that have been soaking in order to remove any traces of the denture cleanser. Dentures should only be rinsed in cold water, as hot water may cause warping or damage to the dentures.

Complete dentures or partial dentures?

Complete dentures are worn for the most part of the day and are often taken out overnight and left to soak in a denture cleanser. This type of denture is recommended for patients who are missing the majority of their natural teeth. In some cases, your dentist might even recommend removing the few remaining natural teeth in order to fit you with a complete set of dentures. Your Walnut Grove dentist will then take a full cast of the mouth to ensure that the new dentures are a perfect fit.

Partial dentures work the same way as complete dentures but do not replace the remaining natural teeth. Instead, the missing teeth are replaced with artificial ones that are attached to a flexible plastic frame that clips onto the natural teeth. In some cases, partial dentures can be fixed into place, while in others, they can be removed and routinely cleaned in the same way as complete dentures.

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