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Oral Cancer Detection Screenings Walnut Grove, Langley

Oral cancer often goes unnoticed and therefor early detection is really important in the fight against cancer. At JVR Dental we can do a quick screening using a VELscope® to detect pathological lesions and sores in your mouth. For more information, please visit www.velscope.com

Oral Cancer Detection Screenings

What are oral cancer detection screenings?

An oral cancer detection screening is important in the prevention of oral cancer and other diseases. It is referred to as a screening because it usually occurs before the patient has communicated symptoms. It is recommended that patients receive an oral cancer detection screening as a precautionary measure. Dentists will often recommend an oral cancer detection screening before symptoms have been reported because, like most cancers, it is best to detect oral cancer in the early stages so that it can be properly cared for.

Why are oral cancer detection screenings important?

Oral cancer detection screenings are so important because they can significantly reduce the threat of oral cancer if it is detected in its early stages. Although ongoing, semi-annual dental cleanings and checkups are important, an oral cancer screening can pick up symptoms and indicators that could otherwise be missed. At JVR Dental, Dr. Leana and her team use the latest VELscope® technology to look for common oral cancer signs such as oral mucosal abnormalities that otherwise might be invisible to the naked eye.

What is involved in an oral cancer detection screening?

Luckily, oral cancer detection screenings are fast, simple and pain-free. During the screening, the professional team at JVR Dental uses an award-winning technology known as a VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System. This system is used by over 15,000 dentists worldwide and has received international recognition from the World Health Organization. The technology involves a small, wireless, handheld scope to detect early signs of oral cancer. Using natural tissue fluorescence, the scope is capable of picking up abnormalities that are often overlooked by the human eye.

Book an oral cancer detection screening in Langley

To book an oral cancer detection screening in Langley, please contact JVR Dental. Don’t let oral cancer go unnoticed. Dr. Leana and the JVR Dental team can do a quick screening using a VELscope® to detect pathological lesions and sores in your mouth. JVR Dental provides oral cancer detection screenings in Langley and surrounding areas including Aldergrove, Maple Ridge and Fort Langley. To learn more about oral cancer detection screenings or to book and appointment, call JVR Dental today at 604-371-3138.

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