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Root Canal Treatment in Walnut Grove, Langley

What you need to know about root canal therapy

At JVR Dental, we can perform root canal therapy for you in as little as one to two appointments. Even though root canal therapy does not protect your tooth from other types of damage, regular visits to our Langley office and proper at-home care can help your tooth last as long as your other teeth.

JVR Dental will do everything possible to make sure that your root canal therapy saves your tooth; however, there is still a chance that your tooth cannot be saved and will then have to be pulled. In the event of this happening, Dr. Leana Lundt of JVR Dental will do her best to ensure that you're appointment will be as painless as possible.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment involves opening up an infected tooth. Your tooth may become infected due to having a deep cavity or if you have a cracked tooth. When this happens the pulp (the network of blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth) can be damaged from the infection.

Once it's determined that you will need a root canal, your Walnut Grove dentist will open up your tooth, remove the damaged pulp, and then clean, shape, fill and seal the tooth. If left untreated, the damaged pulp can cause infection that will damage the bone around the tooth, causing swelling and pain.

Getting root canal therapy in Langley

At JVR Dental in Walnut Grove, we know that getting root canal therapy is not the most pleasant of experiences. That's why we work hard to ensure that your visit is as painless as possible.

If you think that you might need root canal therapy or if you are interested in one of our other services, please contact JVR Dental through our website or by calling 604-371-3138. Good oral healthcare starts with booking an appointment, so book yours with JVR Dental today.

Our promise

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