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Sports Mouth Guards Walnut Grove, Langley

If you play any sport, chances are good that you will need a properly fitted sports guard. Most sport injuries occur to your lips, teeth or tongue and damages can be minimized by wearing a custom fitted sports guard.

Sports Mouth Guards

What are sports mouth guards used for?

Sports mouth guards are important for athletes of all ages. They are used to protect the teeth, lips, tongue, jaws and gums from injuries that frequently occur during sports activities. By wearing a sports mouth guard, an athlete can significantly reduce the impact of injuries to these areas. Since most sports injuries occur to the teeth, lips, tongue, jaws and gums, protecting these areas with a mouth guard is critical.

Dental repair work for sports related injuries can be costly. By wearing a sports mouth guard during physical activity, men and women can significantly reduce the likelihood of dental repair. Unlike standard mouth guards purchased in stores, a dentist can custom fit a sports mouth guard to an individuals exact specifications, maximizing both comfort and performance.

The importance of sports mouth guards

Sports mouth guards help prevent damage to the teeth, lips tongue and gums, all of which are important to the body’s daily functioning and overall health. Dr. leana and the professional team at JVR Dental in Langley can design and customize mouth guards for any sport. Here are some of the most popular types of sports mouth guards we customize:

What is involved in getting a customized sports mouth guard?

Unlike off-the-shelf mouth guards, custom-fit mouth guards are specially designed for maximum protection, performance and comfort. At JVR Dental, the process begins with a dental professional taking an impression of your teeth followed by a mould of the mouth. This is done to ensure the mouth guard is properly fitted. Custom-fit mouth guards are created using durable, thermoplastic materials for long-lasting protection. Although custom-fit mouth guards often cost more than off-the-shelf mouth guards, the protection and comfort is incomparable.

Book a sports mouth guard appointment in Langley

To book an appointment for a sports mouth guard consultation in Langley, contact JVR Dental today. Dr. leana and the JVR Dental team provides custom sports mouth guards for athletes in Langley, Aldergrove, Maple Ridge and surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more about sports mouth guards, please book and appointment at JVR Dental in Langley today.

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