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JVR Dental is a Langley dentist that offers pediatric dentistry, dental cleanings, routine checkups, cosmetic dentistry and much more.

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As your Langley dentist, we strive to offer our patients with the best state-of-the-art dentistry, dental care, and long-term dental support in the Langley area.

Dr. Leana Lundt works hard to ensure that she and her team are able to exceed patient expectations. As your Langley family dentist, JVR Dental does this by offering an extensive range of comprehensive dental services combined with the latest technology and techniques. The most important service that JVR Dental provides is serving the needs of the Langley patient, and doing the best that they can to help improve smiles because when our Langley patients smile, we smile with them.

JVR Dental in Langley is a friendly, caring, and relaxed dental practice. Book an appointment with the best Langley dentist today for a unique experience with lasting impressions.

MeetDr. Lundt
Langley Dentist Dr. Leana Lundt

Dr Leana Lundt grew up in beautiful sunny South Africa. She graduated in 2008 from the University of Pretoria and worked in South Africa for 3 years. Dr Leana and her husband loves to travel and after a holiday trip to Canada they decided to embrace a new adventure and relocated to Vancouver in 2011.

JVR Dental in Langley

Dr. Leana understands how difficult it can be to find a dentist that can grow with your family. That is why Dr. Leana and the professional team at JVR Dental in Langley work hard to ensure that all dental services come with one of a kind customer service and the best advice for good oral healthcare. We make sure that all of our Langley patients feel comfortable and happy throughout their entire appointment.

What is composite filling?

Last month we answered some of the most common questions asked about dental sealants including how they work and how long they last. Another area of dentistry that the JVR Dental team frequently gets asked about is composite fillings. To help give everyone a better understanding of composite fillings work and when they are applicable, Dr. Leana and the cosmetic dentistry experts at JVR Dental have taken the time to… READ MORE

What is a dental sealant?

Have you ever wondered what a dental sealant is? Many of us have heard of dental sealants although not everyone understands their primary purpose and function. Dr. Leana and the JVR Dental team specialize in all types of general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry including dental sealants.  JVR Dental has been providing the Langley and Aldergrove communities with dental services for many years and is here to help answer the most… READ MORE

Get a beautiful smile faster with Invisalign

A lot can happen in 7 days with Invisalign. You can now get a beautiful smile a lot faster with a few new changes and improvements from Invisalign. One of the biggest changes is shorten treatment time with weekly aligner changes. Patients love their new smiles at the end of orthodontic treatment at JVR Dental in Langley. Now it’s possible to give patients the new smiles they want—sooner. Align Technology… READ MORE