SiroLaser – Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

SiroLaser – Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

We’re proud to offer advanced soft tissue laser therapy, which aids in a number of procedures including cleanings, gum recession, frenectomies, gingivectomies and the treatment of cold sores.

What is dental laser therapy?

Dental laser therapy is used to treat inflamed soft tissues in the mouth that have been injured. It reduces discomfort and can be a suture free way to treat oral health conditions.

What conditions can dental laser therapy help with?

We use the SiroLaser to improve a variety of conditions, including benign tumours and cold sores. It is also used for crown lengthening and cavity removal, and to improve tooth sensitivity, speech impediments and gummy smiles.

What are the benefits of dental laser therapy?

Laser therapy can significantly improve the healing process and reduce post-operative wound pain. Since the need for stiches is often eliminated, it frequently results in scar-free healing.