Desensitizing Treatment

Desensitizing Treatment

If you experience pain when eating cold food like ice cream or sipping hot coffee, you may have sensitive teeth. Desensitizing treatment can help treat or alleviate this painful condition.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Sensitive teeth can be caused by tooth decay, worn tooth enamel, cracked teeth, worn fillings, and exposed roots due to gum recession. Desensitizing treatment can improve or even eliminate the problem.

What happens if I don’t treat my sensitive teeth?

If your sensitivity is due to an underlying condition with your teeth or gum, failure to correct the problem may result in continued pain and hypersensitivity.

If the condition is the result of a cavity or periodontal disease, you may experience some or all of the risk factors associated with compromised teeth and gums.

How are sensitive teeth treated?

The type of treatment you receive will depend on the cause of the sensitivity.

Our most common treatment plan involves applying fluoride to sensitive areas of the teeth to strengthen the enamel and reduce pain. Other options include using sealants or bonding agents to protect the teeth and exposed roots.