QuickSleeper – Painless Anesthesia

Experience painless anesthesia with QuickSleeper, an electronically controlled injection device designed to deliver a truly painless injection.  

JVR Dental uses the latest advancements anaesthesia technologies to control pain during clinical procedures and ensure our patients are relaxed and pain-free. 

To ensure our patients’ comfort, anesthesia is administered through QuickSleeper, an anesthetic delivery system optimized for all kinds of anesthesia scenarios – including difficult to treat molars with pulpitis. 

QuickSleeper is more accurate and far less painful than traditional injections.

How does it work?

This reliable and efficient system offers maximum comfort for both patient and dentist, significantly improving the injection experience. Handled like a pen, the system allows us to precisely control the dose and flow of the medication into the gum. 

The amount of liquid injected regulates the number of teeth anesthetized, as well as the duration of the anesthesia. With QuickSleeper, up to six teeth can be anesthetized with a single injection! 

What are the benefits?

Needle-phobic patients no longer have to contend with the scary looking, hard to maneuver syringes of the past. This highly efficient system delivers immediate numbing results without any pain or discomfort.

QuickSleeper ensures:

  • Maximum precision and comfort
  • Pain-free penetration
  • Minimal residual numbness
  • Reduced post-operative side effects

No collateral numbness, no waiting, and no need for additional palatal injections! Painless anesthesia helps alleviate anxiety and fear, especially in dental phobic patients and children.