Fillings – Post-Op Instructions

Fillings – Post-Op Instructions

Proper care after a tooth has been filled can help prevent the filling from becoming dislodged and cavities from forming around the tooth.

Any numbness you’re experiencing from the anesthetic will last approximately two hours. Until the anesthetic wears off, be careful not to drink hot liquids or bite your lip, cheek, or tongue.

Tip: Many insurance companies pay the metal equivalent toward white fillings!

After you receive your composite filling, remember to:

  1. Have your bite assessed within the first 48 hours. If your bite is uneven, Langley dentists at JVR Dental can adjust the filling so your mouth feels normal and there no unnecessary wear on the filling.
  2. Look out for abnormal symptoms. While it’s normal to experience some sensitivity to cold, you shouldn’t feel any throbbing or consistent pain.
  3. Use a salt water rinse to help with any short-term heat or cold sensitivity.
  4. Run your tongue over the filling to ensure it feels smooth and natural. If there are any issues, book an appointment and we’ll adjust the filling to your satisfaction.