ICON Post-Op Instructions

ICON Post-Op Instructions

⦁ For at least 24 hours after treatment, refrain from any dark colored foods or beverages that may stain teeth. For example, do not eat or drink mustard, soy sauce, grape juice or dark colored juices, dark colored sodas, coffee or tea, or anything with artificial coloring.

⦁ Care for irritated gums – soft brushing, warm salt water rinse, eat soft foods. Irritation will resolve within a few days.

⦁ Please remember to brush in the morning and at night with extra focus on the gum line and floss daily to ensure clean and healthy gums.

⦁ Future considerations – at home whitening products, such as white strips, could potentially cause white spots to reappear. We have found this to be temporary and self-correcting within 24-48 hours.

⦁ Icon is a non-invasive procedure that can be repeated, as needed, to maintain optimal esthetics and enamel protection.

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