Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment

JVR Dental in Langley offers various treatments for gum disease. Your specific treatment will depend on the severity of the disease, how you’ve responded to previous treatments, and your overall health.

What is gum disease and why do I need to be treated for it?

Gum disease is an infection of the gums and bones that surround your teeth. Since it’s usually painless, you may not even know you have it!

Symptoms typically range from swollen and bleeding gums in mild cases, to tooth and bone loss in more severe cases.

What happens if my gums aren’t treated?

Left untreated, gum disease can develop into periodontitis. When this happens, your gums may recede from the base of your teeth, forming pockets of infection near the roots of your teeth, impacting your jaw’s bone structure and, eventually, your general health.

What is gum disease treatment like?

Less serious cases may require oral hygiene instruction, along with routine professional cleaning. For advanced cases, antibiotic therapy, soft tissue laser or corrective (surgical) treatment may be called for.

Regardless of your treatment plan, our goal is to stop the progression of the disease before there is any destruction of the gums and supporting bone.