Sports Guards

Sports Guards

If you play any sport, you’ll likely need a properly fitted sports guard to help prevent injuries to your mouth. We offer customized sport guards for maximum protection of your teeth and gums.

What’s a sports guard?

Sports mouth guards help athletes of all ages protect the teeth, lips, tongue, jaws and gums from injuries that frequently occur during sports activities.

By wearing a sports mouth guard, you can significantly reduce the impact of injuries to these areas.

Why is it important that I wear one?

Dental repair work for sports related injuries can be costly. Since most sports injuries occur to the teeth, lips, tongue, jaws and gums, protecting these areas with a mouth guard is critical. Sports mouth guards help prevent damage to the mouth, which is important to the body’s daily functioning and overall health.

What’s the fitting procedure like?

Unlike off-the-shelf mouth guards, custom-fit mouth guards are specially designed for maximum protection, performance and comfort. At JVR Dental, we begin by taking an impression of your teeth followed by the fabrication of a custom sports guard. The impression is important because it ensures that the mouth guard will be properly fitted.