Custom vs. Off-The-Shelf Sports Mouth Guards

At JVR Dental, we know that dental repair work for sports related injuries can be costly. That is why we want to help our patients be proactive when it comes to protecting their teeth by recommending that they wear a sports mouth guard during physical activities. When choosing the right mouth guard to protect your teeth, it is important to choose one that maximizes both comfort and performance.

Off-The-Shelf Sports Mouth Guards

Off-the-shelf sports mouth guards are made out of a thin, pliable plastic that is meant to be suitable to a wider range of people. These mouth guards are packaged as smooth, pre-formed u-shaped trays that cover the entire top row of teeth in order to prevent them from gnashing against each other.


Before this type of mouth guard is comfortable and can work effectively, it has to be fitted to your specific teeth. In most cases, off-the-shelf mouth guards can be fitted to your teeth using the “boil and bite” method, in which the mouth guard is boiled in water for a certain amount of time and then carefully bitten down on in order to create the wearer’s teeth marks. Off-the-shelf mouth guards are designed to be customizable, so if the mouth guard feels too long or it sits too high, it can easily be cut down to the right size. It is important to note that, since these mouth guards are made from pliable plastic, constant chewing, teeth clenching, and grinding will wear the plastic down quickly.

Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Custom sports mouth guards are prescribed and created by a dental professional. These custom-made mouth guards are made out of thermoplastic material and are based on a detailed mould taken of your mouth and teeth. All custom-made sports mouth guards are highly personalized, as your dentist can adjust the thickness of the mouth guard depending on your level of teeth grinding and clenching.


Unlike off-the-shelf mouth guardscustom mouth guards can provide complete protection for your mouth. The level of protection afforded by custom sports mouth guards is unrivalled by any other type of mouth guard, offering durability that is enhanced by the snug shape that hugs each tooth closely, eliminating any unwanted movement. Additionally, custom mouth guards will not lose their shape overtime like store bought mouth guards tend to; however, it is important to bring your custom mouth guard to your dental check-ups, so that your dentist can ensure that it is still fitting properly and is not damaged.

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