Get a Beautiful Smile Faster with Invisalign

A lot can happen in 7 days with Invisalign.

You can now get a beautiful smile a lot faster with a few new changes and improvements from Invisalign. One of the biggest changes is shorten treatment time with weekly aligner changes.

Patients love their new smiles at the end of orthodontic treatment at JVR Dental in Langley. Now it’s possible to give patients the new smiles they want—sooner. Align Technology recommends shortening treatment times with weekly aligner changes, without compromising outcomes.

Invisalign treatment with weekly aligner changes is a straightforward approach to delighting patients with a faster outcome. Prescribed at Dr Leana Lundt’s discretion, weekly aligner changes simply involve instructing the patient to change aligners every week rather than every two weeks. This will cut your Invisalign treatment in half!
An analysis comparing tooth movement predictability in 200 weekly wear in-progress cases with two-week wear cases shows that there is no difference in predictability or refinement rates.

Unique Technologies Deliver Shorter Treatment Time

Only Invisalign clear aligners have three critical technologies that allow aligners to work in fundamentally different ways. These innovations are clinically proven to work together to deliver excellent treatment outcomes by creating the right force system to achieve tooth alignment:

  • SmartForce features allow for treatment of more complex cases through  optimized control of both root and crown.
  • SmartTrack material, designed solely for the Invisalign system, delivers a low, more constant force for greater clinical predictability and improved patient comfort.
  • SmartStage technology is an advanced algorithm that determines the optimal path of tooth movement and the shape of the aligner at every stage of an Invisalign treatment.

Weekly aligner changes may reduce treatment time up to 50%, compared to two-week changes.

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